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About Lynda Shely

Lynda opened The Shely Firm, PC in 2003 after serving as the State Bar of Arizona’s Director of Lawyer Ethics for ten years. Lynda represents legal professionals, including law firms, in-house corporate legal departments, individual lawyers and government entities in ethics, risk management, and professional responsibility matters.

The Ethics of Email

Email messages are just another form of written communication for lawyers. They are considered “writings” according to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, and as such, lawyers should treat them in the same way they treat letters and pleadings.

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Ethical Billing Tips To Get Paid

Ethical Billing Tips To Get Paid

The following are general suggestions for all practices and practice areas.  Note that billing procedures may deviate from these suggestions when agreed to with a client and with firm management.  For instance, in many insurance defense representations or retainer situations, clients do not want detailed statements with each activity broken […]

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Professionalism Means Practicing With Integrity

The Rule: Virtually all U.S. jurisdictions follow some form of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct (“ERs”). The ERs contain a Preamble that explains the framework for legal ethics – and professionalism...

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Ethical Obligations When Lawyers Change Firms

Lawyers rarely stay with the same law firm their entire careers. When lawyers leave a firm, there are certain ethical obligations, client relations issues, and other duties that arise. This article will only address the ethical and professional considerations when lawyers change firms and not any tort, contract, or employment law issues.

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Trust Account Tips

Two Rules (as of January 1, 2009) govern a lawyer’s possession of money that is not completely owned by the lawyer at the time the money is received: 1. Ethical Rule 1.15 (Safeguarding client property); and 2. Supreme Court Rule 43 (General Trust Account Guidelines) The most important provisions in Supreme Court Rule 43 involve: 1) the documents that must be maintained for the trust account; and 2) how credit card payments are processed. Those provisions are found in Rule 43(b) – subsections (2) and (3):

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